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First of all let me wish you all the best for seasonal celebrations where-ever you are on this planet. Happy nano-wishes to everyone!

The last few weeks were exciting with some regulatory news from ECHA, EU Commission and our colleagues from Australia. There is strong momentum in graphene community to develop some certification and some are already rolling it out on a nation-wide scale. New nanomaterial safety assessment protocols were proposed by NRDC, ISO and OECD. Commercial news came from Leonie Hill Capital, Microtrack, Malvern and Nantero.

Articles of Interest

Malaysia To Join Global Graphene Industry Race
Australian Draft National Standard for the Environmental Risk Management of Industrial Chemicals Addresses Nanomaterials
Starburst, Singapore’s Leonie Hill launch $200m aerospace fund also covering nanotechnology applications
ISO Standard Provides Overview of Frameworks for Developing OELs and OEBs for NOAAs
Microtrac releases Nanotrac Wave II DLS machine
Flying start for world's first graphene-enhanced aircraft
Using NTA to Study Aggregation Behavior of Liposome-Protein Complexes
Data on nanomaterials need to be fit for the intended purpose
Nanoparticle catalysts outperform single metal atoms
Researchers develop hazard assessment for nanosilver products
Commission’s anticipated nano definition delayed
NanoSafety Cluster Newsletter: Issue 8 | Winter 2016
Graphene Certification Needed
Commission signs agreement with the European Chemicals Agency to set up an EU Observatory for Nanomaterials (EU-ON)
NIA welcomes the Agreement on the Development of the European Union Observatory for Nanomaterials (EU-ON)
Citizens and experts to get more information on nanomaterials (ECHA Press release)
Someone just chucked another $21 million at carbon nanotube memory techies
Carbon Nanotubes Applicated in Lithium Ion Batteries

ProSafe OECD nanosafety assesment methodology review 6-8 Dec. 2016

NTA/PTA ISO Standard is now published !

After over 3 years of work we are finally happy to announce that today (15 December 2016) is the day of the publication of ISO 19430 entitled “Particle size analysis — Particle tracking analysis (PTA) method”. PTA, also known as Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA) is used in a number of areas such as particle dispersion analysis where a number-based PSDs are required, protein aggregation processes, fine bubble detection and characterisation and many more.

BREC Solutions offers PTA/NTA analysis services for dispersion evaluations. This measurement is now directly applicable to EU nanomaterial definition compliance and data stewardship. Contact us to find out more about our services.

Please note that we work with a number of experts in nanotechnology area to deliver a range of services from nanomaterial characterisation to strategic project reviews, market analysis and feasibility studies. 

Contact Information: 
BREC Solutions Limited
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Lancaster, LA1 2DG
United Kingdom

tel (UK) +44 7887 931 658
tel (PL) +48 7 949 948 68
skype koltsov01

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